Double page about Sisterhood within the theme of Syrup - stickiness, secretions, body fluids, warmth, humidity (...) 

RCA Feminist Society Magazine

Here's an illustration embracing sisterhood, always present to up come problems in a mutual sweat; the juice of life.  Fluidity of our genitals, the stickiness of come, the sickly/sweet vices that accompany it, the viscosity of an other's skin, dissolving in mutual orgasms, flows of our energies and vibes, the extract of our bodies, and the essence in which we all bath during it. Sex is a relationship, it is action, it's often happiness, haziness or heart broken feelings. Will always ensue of these moments the need to talk, to confess, to gossip, to laugh, to cry. And who do we need in these moments? Our sisterhood, who are there to listen, help, reassure, support and laugh about these actions and new experiences. 

Illustration designs by Moule. Designs are available for licensing. 

All images copyright © MOULE 2017

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